It's all on the Surface, baby!

Tits of the Iceberg is the brainchild of three 20 something dudes, Lee, Arley, and Wramil (and one 20 something lady, Krista De Leon, behind the scenes) from Manitoba, Canada, whom met working at a popular chain of video rental stores. Countless hours of bickering back and forth and heated debates over a few (or more) beers regarding movies, video games, and sometimes silly non-sense like world issues has amalgamated into a website where such things can be documented and displayed for the world to see... er hear.

Originally pitched as just a bi-weekly podcast, Tits soon became a ridiculous project of grandeur in which 4 people with maxed out schedules forfeit their minimal free time to create content for a budding website they... birthed. The panel has since expanded from it's original 3 members to include Trevyn (a dude that should have been included from the get-go, and co-host of TITI), Taras (Lee's former roommate and brother from another mother), Mike (POA!, VGPD, and currently Longbox Radio co-host), Rob (The fastest man alive, Longbox Radio co-host), Matt (crazed lunatic), Andrew (German extraordinaire) and many other guest along the way.

If you've read this far, I might as well thank-you for visiting, and politely implore you to return in the future as Tits of the Iceberg will change as we do, you've only seen what's on the surface. (Get it? Iceberg, surface? We're so witty it hurts).







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