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Tits of the Iceberg / Voidcast Podcast - E3 2010 Preview
Weeks before the show Lee sat down with Mike Haynes and "Dancin" Andrew Janzen to discuss all things E3.
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E3 2010 - Impressions from the Floor!
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Tits of the Iceberg / Voidcast Podcast - E3 2010 Review
A week after the show, Mike Haynes and "Dancin" Janzen rejoin Lee to discuss their highlights and lowlights and put E3 2010 to bed.
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Monday, June 14th, 0905 hours

While E3 2010 is yet to officially start, Microsoft is out of the gate early, figuratively blowing their entire wad overnight. Project Natal, the 360's "ace in the hole" has been renamed to the Kinect. While this may not be as dumb as say... the Nintendo Revolution's change into the Wii, it's at least a relief that gamers won't have to argue about the correct pronunciation of Natal.

Early advertisements for what the world knew as the Xbox 360 Slim have been popping up overnight as well. While this has yet to be officially confirmed, it certainly rains on Microsoft's parade... or circus.

In case you haven't heard those in attendance for Microsoft's pre-presser last night were forced to wear white ponchos and watch the Cirque du Soleil perform something that hopefully had anything to do with video games.

And so begins the longest half-day of work in history...

Monday, June 14th, 1400 hours

Leaving to the airport, I'll check in when we land in the City of Angels!

Tuesday, June 15th, 0200 hours (All posts hereafter will be in PST)

Touched down in LA around 11pm local time, however our luggage did not. A delayed flight to Denver, CO meant a quick run through the terminal and directly onto our connecting plane to California, minus my things. I'm pretty sure sitting for 2 hours, followed by 5 minutes of running, followed by another 2 hours of sitting is a good way to achieve a blood clot, but I digress. My clothes and toiletries will hopefully arrive by tomorrow morning. From the looks of things right now I won't have access to my usual video editing software either so windows movie maker will be filling in. I'll be throwing together some fancy stuff when I get home, but until then this will have to do.

The show doors open at high noon tomorrow giving us a good couple hours of standing in line for our passes and holders. Much more on that tomorrow night.

So what did we see today in the keynotes?
In between boarding airplanes and running around I was able to sneak a peek at what Microsoft, Obisoft and EA are bringing to the table.

I have a book full of notes on the subject but that will have to wait until tomorrow as a couple hours of sleep must be had!

Tuesday, June 15th, 2200 hours

Finally able to sit down and recap my day, if you'd prefer to just hear about the games click here.

Wow, where to start.
The LA convention center is huge for starters, with E3 filling it's South and West halls. Each of these halls is as long as a city block, packed high with video game goodness.

Our adventure today started with a solid commute to downtown LA followed by a 15 minute drive around a parking complex. Upon entering the south hall lobby my jaw officially dropped. Gamers, developers, people from around the world filled the room. We promptly grabbed our badges and holders and headed outside to scope the front of the building, adorned with gigantic video game posters.

The South Hall

After milling around and grabbing a Grande Passion Iced Tea Lemonade, it was time to join the ebb and flow into the South Hall of the LA Convention Center. Greeted with the ass of EAs booth, Ryan and I headed left.

Big name booths in the South Hall include:
-Square Enix
-Disney (Huge booth for only Toy Story 3 and Epic Mickey)
-Take-Two Interactive
-Warner Bros.
-Namco Bandai

Check out our adventures in the South Hall here Part 1 / Part 2.

The West Hall

Arriving in the West Hall I was greeted with an eye full of Capcom's booth, primarily a huge LCD on which a match of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was going down. I'm extremely disappointed with Bethesda at the moment as they were closed to the public and apparently have nothing playable or new at the show. Nintendo and Sony are the main reasons to travel all the way to the West Hall, and they're more than worth the trip.

Big name booths in the West Hall include:
-Bethesda Softworks (No playable games!)

Check out our adventures in the West Hall here.

I couldn't imagine the stress the video game press and professional media must be feeling this evening. I've been sitting here for three hours now and I'm still no where near done conveying all I have to say about the show. I'm borrowing a laptop that absolutely refuses to allow me to use any kind of video editing software so you will have to wait until Friday night at the earliest for our footage. Trust me, it's worth it.

It's time to enjoy a delicious backwoods cigar and a beer and prepare for what tomorrow will bring.

Check my end of day wrap up on YouTube here (Video coming soon!).

Hoping to demo the new Zelda game, the 3DS, and the PS Move tomorrow amongst tons of other things, check back tomorrow night!

Wednesday, June 16th, 2330 hours (I plan to add more to this later, too late to go in detail now)

As was the case yesterday, you can get the cold hard facts here.

Today was my day to stand in lines. My compatriots were off to some meetings so I was on y own to bomb around the convention. I started at Nintendo's booth and jumped in the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword line. I met some friendly fellow gamers in line, and before I knew it (40 minutes later) I was in front of Link's new adventure. Afterwards I jumped in the 3DS line, while it took me an hour and change to get on stage and get hands on, booth babes were carrying demo units up and down the lines which I really appreciated. They were carrying Golden Sun, Super Scribblenauts etc. and 3DS consoles themselves showcasing how the 3D visuals work.

After having my mind blown, I joined up with Ryan to try out the multi-player demos in the booth (Goldeneye, Donkey Kong Country Returns). After a quick lunch it was off to Sony to play this and that and try out the Move. The attendant at the station I was at was relentlessly bashing the Wii's motion controls, blaming them for my inability to play ping pong. He exclaimed "We made it too real for ya'll", and he was right! Once I realized I wasn't playing Wii Sports and actually had to visualize a paddle in my actual hand I was unstoppable. I tried a few other Move demos and moved on.

The evening ended with the three of our crew meeting with a business partner so-to-speak, Justin and his buddy, Sean (Whom he has met that morning). We meandered over to "The Yard House" on the LA Live strip across from the Staples Center and the Convention Center to pound back a few beers after a long day on our feet. The Yard House has over a couple hundred beers on tap at all time, and to top it off you can order what they refer to as a "Half-Yard" which is a giant femur-esque glass bottle that holds at least 2 and a half beers per glass ($9.50). A tower of Onion Rings, Calamari, Nachos and much more was promptly ordered, and before the night was through I had dared Sean to shoot a sauce cup full of buffalo sauce.

Check out our Yard House experience here (Video coming soon!).

After enjoying some beers and appetizers we snuck into IGNs poolside rooftop party to find it was already wrapping up (at 9pm).

Excuse my vagueness, but it's time for some sleep if I want to make the best of my last day tomorrow. I'll be adding more asap, thanks for reading!

Thursday, June 17th, 1100 hours

Well it's my last day here in LA and at E3 2010. I've got A LOT of running around to do today in the South Hall as I've yet to even scratch EAs booth. OnLive has a huge booth there as well, while I'm not at all interested, I'm curious to see first hand how cock-sure the developers are, so I can put a face to the failure when the time comes. I also definitely want to have a sit down with somebody at the FFXIV booth and demo that out (Really liking what I saw), and check out the rest of Square Enix's booth.

I'm hopefully going to have time to swing by the West Hall again as I wanted to throw down in some 3D Killzone and play Metroid Other M, but only if time permits it. I'm admittedly not the biggest fan of Killzone, and Other M comes out in just over a month anyways. While I've not seen a game station, I have seen trailers for the Scott Pilgrim PSN title that I'm dying to get my hands on.

Cross your fingers that I have a good wrap today, I want to bring back as much inside information to Tits/VGPD/Void fans as possible!

I won't be able to update until I'm home, so until then, have a great day!

Signing off from Los Angeles,
Lee Skwarek

Thursday, June 17th, 1700 hours

Updated the "Impressions from the Floor!" blog and Celebrity Encounters.
I'll check back in when I'm home.

E3 2010 Wrap-up

Gaming "Celebrity" Encounters:

-Traveling companion Ryan B. high-fived Jose "Fubar" Sanchez (Of Reviews on the Run) upon our arrival at the expo.
-Brushed shoulders with James Rolfe the Angry Video Game Nerd.
-Shook the hand of Cliffy B. (Epic Games)
-High-fived "Stuttering" Craig of screwattack.com.
-Threw a "What's up?" at video game analyst, Michael Pachter.
-Ryan B. claims to have seen Olivia Munn from afar (haha).

-Said hi to Charles Martinet the voice of Mario (Luigi, Wario, Waluigi).
-Spoke with Daniel Kayser (SpikeTV corespondent, Epic Battle Cry Podcast, and all around awesome dude) in the Skyward Sword line.
-Ryan B. high-fived Scott Jones (Of Review on the Run), he's almost touched the entire cast!
-Shouted "Well BAM, there it is!" at Kudo Tsunoda, he did not seem pleased.
-High fived Cheapy D of cheapassgamer.com
-Was hanging out in the lobby a meter away from Shane Satterfield, the Editor in Chief of a little website called gametrailers.com! He was bitching quite loudly about his experiences with Sony's 3D Televisions.
-I got my picture taken with the the guys from EpicBattleAxe.com!

-Played Castlevania Harmony of Despair in front of Koji Igarashi. When I turned around and saw him watching I was shaking too much to continue playing. I know he doesn't speak much english so I motioned to the giant poster behind us and exclaimed, "Thank-you, for this!". He nodded and walked away to be interviewed. Highlight of my trip.
-Saw a lot of miscellaneous Gametrailers.com crew today, included reoccuring Invisible Walls Podcast panel members.

-Spoke in the LAX Air Canada terminal to one of the lead devs on Spider-Man Shatter Dimensions.
-Sat with four guys from the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood development team on the plane from LA to Toronto, chose not to talk with them as I'm not a fan of their game, if you have nothing good to say, don't say it at all.

Signing off on E3 2010,
Lee Skwarek

“Video games are bad for you? That's what they said about rock-n-roll.” - Shigeru Miyamoto