Lee and Mike are attending E3 2012 in Los Angeles representing the Tits of the Iceberg, Longbox Radio, and PNP Games!

PNP Games - Pre-E3 News Link Roundup
Day 1, May 30th
Day 2, May 31st
Day 3, June 1st
Day 4, June 4th

PNP Podcast - E3 2012 Preview
A week before the show Lee and Mike sit down to discuss all things E3.
Check it out!

E3 2012 - Impressions from the Floor!
For first hand impressions from the floor click here.

E3 2012 - Walking the Show Floor
A quick video walkthrough shot during out trip with highlights from the various booths and more!
Check it out!

PNP Podcast - E3 2012 Review
A couple weeks after the expo, Mike and Lee reunite to discuss their highlights and lowlights of the show and put E3 2012 to bed.
Coming Soon!