Lee and Mike are attending E3 2011 in Los Angeles representing the Tits of the Iceberg, VGPD, POA, and Longbox Radio!

Tits of the Iceberg Podcast - E3 2011 Preview
A week before the show Lee sat down with Mike Haynes and "DJ" Robbie Brambilla to discuss all things E3.
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E3 2011 - Impressions from the Floor!
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Tits of the Iceberg Podcast - E3 2011 Review
A week after the show, Mike Haynes and "DJ" Robbie Brambilla rejoin Lee to discuss their highlights and lowlights and put E3 2011 to bed.
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Gaming "Celebrity" Encounters:

-Bumped shoulders with Tomonobu Itagaki upon entering the South Hall the first time. I wonder if he tried Ninja Gaiden III out?
-Caught of glimpse of Bobby Kottick of Activision as he exited the South Hall. He was moving pretty quickly, probably to the bank.
-The third member of our entourage, Jade, saw Reggie Fils-Aime cruising the Nintendo booth.


-Met Geoff Keighley at the Sony booth talking to the lead producer of God of War. A super nice albeit tired fellow.

-Grabbed a picture with Kotaku.com's Lisa Foiles outside the Square Enix booth. I watched a lot of "All That" growing up...

-While up on the 3DS game demo platform I caught Masahiro Sakurai checking out Kid Icarus: Uprising. The creator of Kirby and leading force behind Super Smash Bros. was nice enough to take a picture with me and shake my hand.

-Found Ed Boon, creator of Mortal Kombat, hanging around the WB booth. Grabbed a pic and congratulated his success on MK9.

-Grabbed a picture with Screwattack's "Stuttering" Craig and EBC's Brent Adams. Awesome dudes!


-Stumbled into the West Hall slightly buzzed after lunch to find Keith Apicary standing around. Mike and I grabbed a pic and we discussed the Dreamcast 2.
-Watched a live taping of G4. Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb we're recording intros and outros.

Signing off on E3 2011,
Lee Skwarek & Mike Haynes