Lee and Krista of the Iceberg teamed up with Panels of Awesome's Mike Haynes and The Dougler to cover Fan Expo 2010 in Toronto, Ontario!

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Proceed inside for Lee's blog! *Updated Sept. 22/2010*

All four of us who attended from our website network arrived the day before to get situated. After checking into our ritzy hotel we checked out the Hockey Hall of Fame, where Mike and I got up close and personal with Lord Stanley's Cup.
We grabbed some dinner and headed to sleep early to prepare for the weekend ahead of us.

Having Media passes, not only were we allowed to use a separate entrance (Thank, God!), we were also allowed on to the show floor two hours early on Friday. With an hour until our sneak peek, Krista and I took the time to check out the CN Tower while Mike and Dougler headed back to the room to make our Media badges a bit more awesome.

Right after walking through the door two copies of the exclusive Avengers #4 variant were purchased. Mike didn't stop there, as he bee-lined it to the Hasbro booth and dropped $85 on a giant Galactus action figure.

We hung out at the G4 booth for a good thirty minutes chatting up Scott C. Jones and grabbed a pic with Victor Lucas before leaving. (Mike had to crouch significantly in this picture)

If you're ever listened to the POA Podcast you might be familiar with the nerd rock band Kirby Krackle, who were nice enough to give us a quick interview.

Microphone at the ready we one shot interviewed passers-by who were in costume. This lead to some hilarious, and extremely awkward situations. Once a crazy minute is found a video will be edited! (I promise)

Krista snapped a photo of Mike and I with Dan DiDio, the Co-Publisher of DC Comics. He's so incredibly chilled out, that you wouldn't recognize him unless you were specifically looking for him. (He was also freelance writer and story editor for the TV Shows Reboot and War Planets)

On Saturday Dan found the time to give us a quick interview. Out of all the DC related questions I threw at him he was most pleased to be asked about Reboot and spoke very passionately about the project. Mr. DiDio is an extremely fun fellow to speak with. If you ever find yourself the opportunity to do so, ... do so.

Saturday was shoulder to shoulder people. The lines to get in the main doors went down the street and past the CN Tower. Some people apparently waited up to 5 hours just to get in. Apparently small riots of people demanding their money back were going on outside though I never saw anything like this in person.

The mood inside the convention center was positive, and even though the place was near full to capacity attendees remained friendly and upbeat (A 55 thousand person hug so-to-speak). While Sunday was busy at first, security guards were paying more attention to how many people were allowed in at once, allowing us to zoom around a lot easier.

The last day of the con was when all the crazy deals went down. Things were selling for tens of dollars cheaper. We took advantage of a vendor selling comic books for $10 by the kilo. I grabbed a handfull of Punisher Vol. 2 and an issue of Amazing Spider-Man entitled "On thin Ice" in which Electro traffics drugs through Winnipeg, Manitoba inside hockey pucks.

Dougler found himself purchasing two giant full-tang swords on our final day. I also got Alvin Lee to draw me a last minute Sakura bust.

Finally got to check out A-Team and The Losers on the plane ride home, all in all, a fun, albeit expensive trip to Fan Expo 2010!

Signing off,