It's been a little more than a year since I busted open my collector's edition lunch box, proudly displayed my packaged Vault-Tec Bobble-head on my desk, stepped out of Vault 101 for the first time, and experienced the wasteland of Fallout 3.

Released on October 28, 2008 published by Bethesda Softworks and ZeniMax Media, Fallout 3 is an RPG/Shooter hybrid taking place in a alternate retro-future in which a continued world war over diminishing resources ended in 2077 with nuclear war.

The game itself takes place 200 years later, 2277, in the area formerly known as Maryland and Virginia now called the "Capital Wasteland". The game begins with the player character effectively being born in a one of the remaining "Vaults" of which few still remain unopened at the point the story begins. The Vaults themselves being a sort of bomb shelter supposedly filled via a nationwide lottery before the bombs dropped (Not unlike Deep Impact, though that movie sucked, minus Morgan Freeman as President, and you would have to substitute a meteor for Chinese warheads).

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