To our loyal listeners and the casual passerby,

Tits of the Iceberg has been on an extended hiatus, our last episode being 216 "Beauty is Infallible" recorded on July 12th, 2014.
Krista and I are very busy with wedding planning and the hosts busy schedules make recording a regular show very difficult at this time.

I absolutely plan to bring the podcast back by the summer of 2015 with all the crude pop culture musings you may have come to expect from our program. Until then you can follow my weekly video game podcast over at Turn Based or my ongoing video blog for all things comics and collectables at Longbox Radio on YouTube. Stay safe and we hope to be back in your ears before too long.


From Longbox Radio
The Pull List: 1.7.2015
Loot Crate: 12.2014

From Turn Based Attack
Podcast: GOTY 2014

(Comic Book Cover of the Week: Avengers #40)

"Beauty is Infallible"

A tale of Clone High, The Last Unicorn and Big Foot.

Runtime 1:02:10
Recorded 7/12/2014
*Warning: Explicit

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"Robots in Disguise"

A tale of Canada Day celebrations, still beating hearts and Transformer origins.

Runtime 1:00:31
Recorded 6/30/2014
*Warning: Explicit

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”Are Not”

The podcast returns after it's longest hiatus on record, Lee sums up his busy month, PornHub gives back to the environment, Ben's Batman look is revealed and we briefly discuss pre-E3 announcements.

Recorded 5/16/2014 | Starring Lee and Trevyn | Runtime 1:03:40 | Beer: N/A (Regina Leftovers)
*Warning: Explicit

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”Murder Plane”

We warn Mazda owners against the scourge of spiders, we discuss missing planes, the new TMNT trailer, Facebook's newest purchase and Lee introduces the Tits of the Iceberg Power Quiz.

Recorded 4/4/2014 | Starring Lee, Arley and Trevyn | Runtime 0:50:49 | Beer: Boundary Ale
*Warning: Explicit

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”Todd Orteez”

Lee's birthday means drunkcast. In possibly the drunkest entry in the saga our panel devises a drinking game so that the listeners can take part too, we talk a bit about Travolta, something about moonshine...

The ninth episode in the drunkcast saga.

Recorded 3/8/2014 | Starring Lee, Arley, Trevyn and Taras | Runtime 0:58:41 | Beer: N/A (Moonshine Cherries)
*Warning: Explicit

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”Guy Whiteson”

The boys are back in style this week with an update on Trev's Nerf Gun hunt, 18 terrible sex tips, we gauge our excitement for upcoming Godzilla, TMNT, and Stars Wars movie projects and we run down the most recent video game releases.

Recorded 2/27/2014 | Starring Lee and Trevyn | Runtime 1:01:13 | Beer: Sleeman's Honey Brown
*Warning: Explicit

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”Digital Prophets”

Russia is confirmed to still be a smoldering pile of garbage, Bill Murray's family is revealed, Lee gets his Urbans crossed, Kojima defends his length and Sonic gets the reboot no one expected... or wanted.

Recorded 2/8/2014 | Starring Lee, Arley and Trevyn | Runtime 1:08:59 | Beer: McNally's Extra
*Warning: Explicit

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”Splash of Yogurt”

Lee starts things off right by labeling this episode as '109', the TSA seizes most weapons before they boarded planes in 2013, Tarantino throws a hissy fit, and we discuss whether or not Bioware's romance plot lines are something they should brag about or not.

Recorded 1/27/2014 | Starring Lee and Trevyn | Runtime 1:03:00 | Beer: Farmery Premium Lager
*Warning: Explicit

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